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The Orange Rose

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Making big steps in the Circular Economy....

The Orange Rose is a company specialized in natural resources.

In the spotlights we place “bamboo” and “cocos; 

The natural characteristics  of these resources fit the purpose of the Circular Economy exactly. 

From natural resources back to nature, we will help you get there….

Unique and Versatile: Bamboo and Cocos offer a unique and versatile product range, which can be used in a wide variety of applications. This allows us to cater to the diverse needs of our customers, and provides us with the opportunity to expand our product offerings in the future.


Sustainability is crucial for preserving our planet's resources and ensuring a better future for generations to come. Renewable materials like bamboo and coconut are important as they are eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to traditional materials.

Multiple lives

We are convinced bamboo and coconut materials have excellent potential for multiple uses and can be sustainable options for various products. Both materials are renewable, biodegradable and have high strength-to-weight ratios, making them ideal for a variety of products, such as flooring, furniture and cardboard, further extending their lifespan and reducing waste.


Bamboo and coconut are gaining popularity as raw materials, and there is a need for more development to increase their use. The goal is to collaborate with international partners to develop new materials and applications, thereby increasing their share in the market.

Make this World a better place.

Circularity.. we help you get there.

Some facts about Bamboo

* Fastest growing plant of the World.
* Inexhaustible source.
* Harder than most of the known woods.
* plant continuous to grow after cutting.
* Air purifying plant (+35% more oxygen than an average tree of the same size).
* Higher usage = less deforestation.

Some facts about Cocos

* Coconut is not a nut, it s a stone fruit.
* A coconut tree produces 75 coconuts a year. (average)
* The coir fiber is stiffer, stronger, lighter than synthetic plastic fiber.
* Coconut shells are ready shaped for us.
* Growing usability.