Welcome to

The Orange Rose

The Orange Rose is a company specialised in natural resources. Supporting the growth of the Circular Economy.

In the spotlight we place ‘bamboo’ and ‘cocos’;

The natural characteristics of these resources fit the purpose of the Circular Economy exactly.

From natural resources back to nature, we help you get there….

Below we give 3 visions we have as The Orange Rose. These are 3 of several more why we chose for Bamboo and Cocos as our core business.


Sustainability is a necessary concept. Sustainability is the foundation for future generations. Raw materials such as bamboo and coconut will play an increasingly important role in this. 

Multiple lives

We are convinced that materials and products can and should have multiple lives before they become “useless”. Bamboo and coconut  already have great potential for multiple lives and applications as a basis.


The raw materials bamboo and coconut are being used more frequently and more widely. A lot more development is needed to increase that share in the future. That is why we work with international companies, organizations and universities to increase that share by developing new materials and applications.

"Follow your Dreams"

Some facts:
  • Fastest growing plant of the World.
  • Inexhaustible source.
  • Harder than most of the known woods.
  • Plant continues to grow after cutting.
  • Air purifying plant. (+35% more oxygen than an average tree of the same size)
  • Higher usage = less deforestation.
  • Coconut is not a nut, it is a stone fruit.
  • A coconut tree produces 75 coconuts a year. (average)
  • The coir fiber is stiffer, stronger, lighter than synthetic plastic fibers.
  • Coconut shells are already shaped for use.
  • Growing usability.