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The meaning of

The Orange Rose

The Orange Rose is a Consult & Trading Company, where the  meanings of an Orange Rose flows throughout all corners of the Company. Our way of providing you our services in Consult & Trading will make your work life easier so you can focus on your expertise.

The meanings of an Orange Rose are:

Enthusiasm, Passion, Energy, Happiness, Optimism, Warmth, Adventure, Sociable, Balance, Stimulating, Strength, Fun

Below we explain 3 meanings of an Orange Rose. These show you what we are, how we are and what you can expect from us.


Every day is a new day and starts with enthusiasm. A day is with challenges and we go into to it with enthusiasm. That makes the day a beautiful day and we want to share that with you!


The people of Bali live their lives in Harmony and Happiness, and more of that! It is a way of life, it is a dedication. And that is what our Company is, how we are! Happiness makes life easier!


These times brings another way of working. Traveling will be different, working together with committed partners will be the future, to walk new roads, to see what is behind the horizon. That is an adventure! 

"Follow your Dreams"

More than..

To do business with other countries brings new rules and laws. We check them, draft contracts, translate and follow up. All to let things run smoothly. 

To know if your partner or a product is like what you want it to be, certificates are correct, sizes are as ordered and more of those checks? We will use our 5, sometimes 6 senses for you.

Logistics is not only shipment from A to B. We also can arrange  the packaging, the packing, labeling, shipment in bulk or parcel post and even storage.