a wise man once said to me:

"Nothing is coincidence"

How it started!

While changing my habitat from Western Europe to Indonesia the world of natural resources within reach. Now I was able to fulfil my goal and make the world a better place. Being professionally active for 27 years in several process industries, now is the time to embrace natural resources. The Orange Rose is founded with the purpose to globally enrich the industries who are willing to transit their processes by using natural resources. Bamboo instead of wood, cocos fiber instead of cardboard etc. From the department in Indonesia and in The Netherlands Europe The Orange Rose enthusiastically operates.

Founder: Iwan Kaal

Why work with The Orange Rose?

Your contribution to the Circular Economy often is based on long-distance cooperation. This requires a lot of energy, time/money and perseverance ability. Having an extension of your company on-site is priceless.


We are where the resources grow, are harvested, processed and shipped. Then be provided with the appropriate documents and certificates. We are present.


Indonesia vs Europe. Proper communication is key. Not only is the language often a barrier, but also the difference in culture is of great importance. As we are the point of contact and stationed in both areas we reduce these issues to a minimum.


We have access to all the necessary knowledge channels. Both locally and nationally.

Any questions or comments? Please do not hesitate to contact us!