About Us

a wise man once said to me:

"Nothing is coincidence"

Established with a vision.

The World is changing, the way of doing business is changing, traveling around the World will be different.  That is why we are here! .  Established with a vision, and with a beautiful team of people I started this Company. From the Island of Bali we coordinate all of our services for individuals and companies. A warm team of enthusiastic people with all their skills and experiences, willing to help you with your purchase, help you grow your business, help with sales, setting up a distribution network, willing to be a part of that success. From forwarder to translator, from designer to legal consultant, from supervisor to purchaser, we are here for you!  Our constantly growing network throughout Asia, Europe and the rest of the World will bring people and products together. We work together with partners; dedicated and specialized, which are an extension of us, and you! You want to be a part of it? Please contact us now!  Iwan ( Founder )

If it is through Consulting or Trading and all what is in between, there is always a solution! 

Some important facts to know about how we work.


Communication is the key for achieving the best result and satisfactory. This is a two way deal, open and unlimited. Better one call or email too much, then ……


Quality for us is important, on a high level and runs through our Company as a red line, from working efforts to deliver goods and services. 

"Let's make work something fun to do"

Any questions or remarks? Don't hesitate to contact us!