About Us

a wise man once said to me:

"Nothing is coincidence"

How it started!

After years of working in the packaging industry I have seen new materials come and go. Some were really good, but unfortunately not always acceptable for different reasons. Also during my travels through Asia I have seen signs of pollution; the way waste is being handled (sometimes well and sometimes not at all). It stayed in my head, was thinking about it over and over again. And then there comes a time to change thinking into action, and that is what I have done. Especially while we are directly “sitting on” the resources!

Bringing these thoughts together will create new ways of applications and materials into the market, not only for packaging. I am convinced that the use of bamboo, cocos and recycled plastics will grow tremendously in the coming years. Not only because of all the new developments that will result in a wider usability of these materials. It is also the changing mindset of people around the world that things must be changed.

Iwan Kaal ( Founder ) 

Some details of our Vision and Mission.


  • More sustainable natural materials.
  • More life fases materials and products.
  • Stimulate and motivate small agri-businesses.
  • More cleanups.
  • Change mindsets.


  • Provide sustainable natural materials and solutions.
  • Developments together with industrie, laboratory and universities.
  • Work with local farmers.
  • Bringing together organizations, local Governments and communities.
  • Giving all possible information through different channels.

"Let's make work something fun to do"

Any questions or remarks? Don't hesitate to contact us!