And here it is: our Gift to you, a Gift to remember.

With proud we present you: Our Logo! And proud we are!

This logo represents The Orange Rose totally.

In terms of colour, of course, but also simple, unique and yet complex creative, not cast in 1 shape,

out of the box and always see an opening. That’s The Orange Rose!

This logo is created by Andini Judianto, who listened very well during our meetings which resulted in this amazing logo. And to be honest; I had something else in mind, and she also created that, but it was not Our Logo. This is Our logo The Orange Rose and I am proud to present it to you and we will treat it and wear it with proud. You will be seeing this logo pop up in many places, just watch!  

Follow Andini on Instagram @judiantology.

In the coming weeks more of Our Logo will be presented here and on our website.

For now, just look at this logo and you will never forget it again.

Thank you and warm regards,

The Orange Rose Team

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