Campaign Summer 2022 has started!

Campaign Summer 2022 has started! And that is great news for all of you!

What exactly is Campaign Summer 2022? Campaign Summer 2022 is giving everybody the possibility to purchase a product  “made to order”.  You get the change to make a unique product, make it yours! Personalize it, design it, make it different than standard. For example: you want new garden furniture, but the sizes are not always that what matches nicely in the garden; the size is too small or too big,  the color of the cushions is not yours, material choice. Tell us your wishes, show us some pictures/ideas and we will make a drawing and an offer.

You have seen some decoration, painting, lampshade, table, bracelet, bag…or or or, we can make it yours!

Your shop, restaurant, office  or café needs new furniture, new decoration or lightning. Let us know what you want, how you want it. With your name or logo processed in it; we can do it! You want to order new items to extend your assortment for your shop or business? A lot is possible.

You want coffee or cacao, incense sticks, cocos oil packed in bulk or packed per smaller quantities, or as private label? Just tell us your wishes and we will come with an offer. We can also design your packaging, pack it and distribute it.

You have other products, items in mind? Let us know. In the coming weeks more and more pictures will be posted on our website, Instagram and Facebook, just to give you ideas.  

Why we are doing this!

We are doing this so items can be made and shipped on time for delivery in the first quarter of 2022. All depends also on size, quantity and weight of course. Some smaller items could be delivered earlier, this will be discussed and agreed with you. Many of you know cargo is a bit of a bottle neck these days and that is why this Campaign Summer 2022 now. It is also an awareness, because as always: time flies and I don’t want you to lose this opportunity. Also sleeping will be nicer knowing everything is under control.

A lot is possible, a lot we can do for you. Tell your friends, family, colleagues about this. Check out our website (blog), Instagram, Facebook.

Any questions? Please contact us, we are happy to help you.

The Orange Rose Team 

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