Trading in the New Standard Materials.

Trading in these new sustainables  is an adventure, exploring new possibilities and markets, which gives energy when you found a new purpose for success. Also, when something specific is offered to you and you know you have a buyer for it. We will offer all these products on this website, or contact our relations directly,  sometimes it is a “one time offer”, sometimes it is a regular product, B2B or consumer sales. That is why it’s important to be on The List, follow us via our website blog so you will not miss that opportunity. 

The Orange Rose : a no nonsense Company.


This is how we do it!

The Search.

The Search is the one we go hunting for. This can be a seasonal product, a new trending one or a frequently requested article which we will buy in bulk and from which we all benefit.  

The Find.

The Find is the one we bump into. A one-time opportunity which we cannot let walk away from us. This can be a one-time offer, most probably not recurring. That is why it is important to be on The List!

The Offered.

The Offered is the one which walks into our office. It can be a canceled order, goods from bankruptcy or closing businesses. For sure the Offered will be a one-time offer, not recurring! 

The Created.

The Created is the one from us, from the Team of The Orange Rose itself. This will be the product that will be created by ourself; designed and produced. Everybody on our Team can be the creature, so with a personal touch!

Any questions or comments? Please do not hesitate to contact us!