Tree Trunk table tops.

The well known Tree Trunk Table Tops (TTTT) are from Suar (also available in Teak) and has that beautiful natural look. You can see the lifelines of the tree, that makes it so characteristic. Thickness of the wooden parts varies between 2 to 12 cm, sometimes even more if wished for. The length varies between 2 to 4 meters or more, if wished for.

These table tops can be placed on wooden legs, metal legs or even stone legs, to give it all an even more natural look.

A marvellous piece to have in your dinning room, your restaurant or bar, reception, shop to sit at or present your items. And what do you think about your office! What a piece to work at.

Curious about your option? Please contact us, we are happy to help you.

The Orange Rose Team

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