Yes, the decision is made!

We have the chosen one, the one and only……..The Orange Rose LOGO!!

And what kind of logo? It says it all, this unique logo represents us. And sure, that is why it is a logo, but for us it is more than that: It tells our story in a fluent line. You must see it, get the whole picture, but……… that will not be today. This is the Friday Cliffhanger, the last one before the big reveal. We are now preparing everything for hardcopy and softcopy, so all will be running smoothly to show our logo to the rest of the World.   

For now you will only get to see a little piece of the logo, some details about the colours. So now it is up to your imagination and let us surprise you soon.

Wishing you all a happy weekend.

Warm regards,

The Orange Rose Team

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